Is It Safe To Travel To Costa Rica?

is costa rica safe

Is Costa Rica Safe?

Thousands of people asking: is Costa Rica safe? Or is it safe to travel to Costa Rica? 100 % YES!!

If you act responsibly, you will be safe. This means: Do not sleep on the beach. Take cake of your wallet and documents like passport and credit card. For example: Hang the handbag not to the back of the chair. Opportunity makes the thief, as in any other country. You know what i mean? So, the question is not how safe is Costa Rica but how responsible you are?

Is Costa Rica Safe For Americans?

Of course, I understand if you are planning a vacation in a foreign country that you want to know: is Costa Rica a safe place to visit? I hope i have answered your question, is Costa Rica safe to visit, sufficiently. One more tip: Don’t take your passport or Credit Card to the beach, leave it in the hotel safe. Use a copy of your passport. That’s enough.

How about the money?

costa rica exchange rate

Costa Rica exchange rate

You can pay in US Dollars or with credit card across the country. You do not have to change Dollars into Colones. If you want to change Dollars into Colones, do that at the bank, because the Costa Rica exchange rate is better. When exchanging money in the bank you need your passport.

Is the water safe to drink in Costa Rica?

The water in Costa Rica is clean and can be used for cooking, brushing teeth etc. Drinking water you should buy in the supermarket.

Is it safe to rent a car in Costa Rica?

You can rent a car without any problems in Costa Rica. You need your passport, driver license and crecit card like in your home country. You can reserve the car online before you leave home. Because it’s cheaper than directly to rent in Costa Rica.

is tamarindo costa rica safe

Come and enjoy

On the following definitely pay attention: Use the seat belt. Note the given speed limits. Never drive without a license and passport copy! The penalties for traffic odds are very high in Costa Rica.

Is Tamarindo Costa Rica safe?

Yes Tamarindo is safe. Keep to our tips. Do not go for a walk at night on the beach. Take no documents to the beach. Take only the amount of cash with you, that you need. Like you do in any other country.

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